As metal is scarce on Athas, trade is done in ceramic pieces, rather than metal coins. When reading costs of items out of the Player’s handbook, replace gold coin (gp) with ceramic piece (cp), silver coin (cp) with ceramic bit (bit), and copper coin (cp) with glass bit (gb).

Exchange Rates
coin gb bit cp
gb 1 1/10 1/100
bit 10 1 1/10
cp 1/100 1/10 1

Adventuring Gear

Item Price Weight Description
Desert clothing 10cp 3lb. Specially-tailored for extended travel though sand wastes. Grants +1 to Exhaustion checks
Distillation Kit 50cp 20lbs This device “cooks” water from fetid or toxic fluids or waste water. Creates 1 day’s worth of water every 6 hours.
Filter mask 1cp Allows the wearer to breathe without problem during a sandstorm.
1 Gallon 1 bit 8 lbs Everyone needs water
1 keg, empty 4 bit 14lbs
1 keg, full (8 gal. water) 1 cp, 2 bit 78 lbs
1 barrel, empty 2 cp 70 lbs
1 barrel, full (40 gal. water) 6 cp 390 lbs
1 Day’s food rations 3 bits 2lbs Salted, preserved meat and dried fruits. Yum.

Survival Planning

The desert is serious business. When traversing open land during the day, you require 4 liters per day to stave off Exhaustion. Every day you go with less water increases your Exhaustion by 1. Based upon favorable water rates inside a city-state or oasis, a day’s worth of survival rations for food and water is 4 bits, and weighs 10lbs.

Pack Animals and Carts

see Journeying on Athas for prices and availability of pack animals, mounts, carts, and more.


Life on Athas is harsher and bloodier than life elsewhere, and as such new and interesting ways of killing one another have been developed. In addition to Player’s Handbook weapons, you may also buy these Athas-specific weapons.

Simple Melee Weapons

Name Cost Damage Weight Properties
Talid 4 cp 1d6 piercing 1 lb. Light
Widow’s Knife 1 cp 1d4 piercing 1 lb. Light, Thrown (25/50)
Wrist Razors 3 cp 1d4 slashing 1lb Light, Finesse

Simple Ranged Weapons

Name Cost Damage Weight Properties
Dejada 1 10 cp 1d8 bludgeoning 2lb Ammunition (range 50/150)

Martial Melee Weapons

Name Cost Damage Weight Properties
Alhulak 10 cp 1d8 bludgeoning 3 lbs. Versatile (1d10)
Carrikal 8 cp 1d10 slashing 3 lbs. Heavy
Cahulaks 13 cp 1d8 bludgeoning 4 lbs. Reach, Thrown (15/30), Two-handed
Dragon Paw 16 cp 1d8 piercing 4 lbs. Defensive, Two-handed
Gauntlet Axe 16 cp 1d8 slashing 2 lbs. Defensive, Light
Gouge 25 cp 2d6 slashing or piercing 10 lbs Heavy, Two-handed
Gythka 12 cp 1d8 piercing 2 lbs Finesse, Thrown (25/50), Two-handed
Lotulis 16 cp 1d10 slashing 4 lbs Heavy, Two-handed
Net 1 5 cp 1d4 slashing 4 lbs Special, Heavy, Thrown (5/15)
Puchik 3 cp 1d6 piercing 1 lb Finesse, Light
Singing Stick 2 1 cp 1d6 bludgeoning 5 lbs Defensive
Tortoise Blade 3 25 cp 1d6 slashing 7 lbs Special, Light
Trikal 16 cp 1d10 slashing 5 lbs. Heavy, Reach, Two-handed

1 This weapon’s materials are special, and do not suffer breakage as normal weapons will.
2 This weapon is always made of wood; do not apply any Material modifiers to this weapon other than a breakage range.
3 6 lbs of this weapon is a shield; when modifying its weight for its Material, make modifications to the 1 lb. of blade weight only.

Martial Ranged Weapons

Name Cost Damage Weight Properties
Chatkcha 10 cp 1d6 slashing 1 lb Thrown (30/60), Finesse


Athasian nets are much like normal nets. See the Phb p. 146 for special rules. Athasian, nets, however, have barbs and shards of bone and obsidian worked into the netting, dealing damage to those caught in the net.

Tortoise Blade

The tortoise blade is a shield as well as a weapon. When the player declares an attack from the tortoise blade, they do not get their shield bonus granted by the tortoise blade until the beginning of their next turn.

New Property

Defensive: Weapons with this property grant the wielder a +1 bonus to AC if they have a weapon in each hand (such as a short sword and a gauntlet axe or a dragon paw). Defensive bonuses do not stack.

Weapon Breakage

Weapons on Athas are rarely made of metal. Instead, they are made of the hard wood of the agafari tree, bone, or obsidian. As such, weapons frequently break. Any time you roll your attack and it is within your weapon’s Breakage Range (see table below), your weapon suffers a strike. Your weapon breaks immediately on your third strike. All weapons listed here and in the player’s handbook are made of bone by default.

Material Breakage Range Weight Modifier Price Modifier Damage modifier Attack Modifier
Metal x1.5 x4 + 100cp +1 +1
Obsidian 1 x2 x2
Bone 1-2 x1 x1
Wood 1-3 x.5 x.5 -1 -1


Use the same statistics for armor as found in the Player’s Handbook. For any armor using metal components (e.g. chain shirt, plate) substitute in common armor-making materials from Athas:

  • Bone
  • Wood
  • Chitin
  • Toughened Hide

Armor that is made up of 60% metal or more is considered to be +1 armor.

Special thanks to Pyrocat and Marcus for helping with the water weight and price calculations.


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