Templar Pact Warlocks

Templars are said to be many things: judge, jury, executioner, investigator, cleric, wizard. Templars gain their powers directly from their sorcerer-liege. For some, such as the rank-and-file Templar, this is a metaphorical power: the templars can arrest and execute in the Name of their liege. For the gifted Templars, for those who the sorcerer-liege deems worthy, the power is literal. These Templars are powerful spellcasters in their own right, drawing mystic power from their liege to do their bidding.

Templar pact warlocks use the same rules as the Warlocks in the Player’s Handbook (pp. 105-111). When chosing an Otherworldy Patron, chose instead the Sorcerer-King as your patron. You gain the following benefits. These features are the same for all sorcerer-kings; your warlock spell list, however, changes depending on your specific sorcerer-king.

You are judge, jury, and often executioner in the city-state of your sorcerer-king. It is your duty to quash the flames of rebellion and sniff out the Veiled Alliance, alongside your usual duties of keeping the peace. As your sorcerer-king’s pawn, you are able to judge any slave or freedman, and decide upon an appropriate punishment, whenever you are within your City-State’s domain. As long as you can justify your actions, no one will question your authority. Furthermore, as a Templar, you are able to command any slave within your city-state, and in general townsfolk will not impede you in your travels or duties, and will often help you if it will save their skin.

Starting at 1st level, you can, as an action, cause each creature in a 10-foot cube to make a WIsdom saving throw against your warlock spell save DC. The creatures that fail their saving throws are all charmed or frightened by you (your choice) until the end of your next turn.

Once you use this feature, you can’t use it again until you finish a short or long rest.

Staring at 6th level, you can call on your sorcerer-king to alter fate in your favor. When you make an ability check or a saving throw, you can use this feature to add a d10 to your roll. You can do so after seeing the initial roll but before any of the roll’s effects occur.

Once you use this feature, you can’t use it again until you finish a short or long rest.

Beginning at 10th level, your sorcerer-king safeguards your mind; only they may control you. You are immune to being charmed, and when another creature attempts to charm you, you can use your reaction to attempt to turn the charm back on that creature. The creature must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw against your warlock spell save DC or be charmed for you by 1 minute or until the creature takes any damage.

At 14th level, you gain the ability to command obedience from any humanoid you require. You can use your action to touch an incapacitated humanoid. That creature is then charmed by you until a remove curse spell is cast on it, the charmed condition is removed from it, or you use this feature again. You can communicate telepathically with the charmed creature as long as the two of you are on the same plane of existence.

Spell Lists


The templars of the Shadow King are the most feared and terrible of all. They dress in black, like the dark and mysterious legends that shroud their master, and they wield terrible barbed spears made of agafari wood from the Crescent Forest. Their armor is typically Formed from the black carapaces of giant insects, ridged with hideous rows of spines and other natural, and deadly, decorations.

Most of the templars of Nibenay are women. Some have said that they actually serve as the king’s wives as well as his warriors.

The templar warriors of Nibenay frequently have to fight the judaga and champions of Gulg. They prefer to stand in formation, forcing opponents to do open battle. This tactic rarely gives them a victory, but neither does it bring defeat. The open battle tactic is one of the reasons why the war between Nibenay and Gulg has lasted for so many centuries. Perhaps the Shadow King and Lalali-Puy like it this way. It has been said that there is no ally like a Common enemy. . . .

Extended Spell List
Spell Level Spells
1st Detect Magic, Shield of Faith
2nd Blindness/Deafness, Blur
3rd Blink, Counterspell
4th Evard’s Black Tentacles, Greater Invisibility
5th Mislead, Circle of Power


The templars who serve Abalach-Re are the most timid of the lot, but ironically, they are some of the most dangerous. Templars will only operate in large groups in Raam because of open defiance to the Grand Vizier. They usually form small cliques or teams that are loyal to each other, but not necessarily loyal to other groups, or even to their sorcererqueen.

The paranoid templars feel constantly besieged by the nobles’ never ending raids and double cross plans, so they frequently carry a large number of divinatory and defensive spells (of air and earth spheres).

They dress in white robes, often covered by armor, with the symbol of the false god worshipped by the Grand Vizier emblazoned in the center. Like the templars, the symbol is false; it has no truth.

Extended Spell List

Spell Level Spells
1st Dissonant Whispers, Tasha’s Hideous Laughter
2nd Alter Self, Phantasmal Force
3rd Clairvoyance, Gaseous Form
4th Phantasmal Killer, Polymorph
5th Modify Memory, Seeming


Tectuktitlay calls his templars “Moon Priests,” as he calls himself the “Father of Life and Master of the Twin Moons.” He claims that he is a god, that it was he who made the mud flats of Draj into a fertile haven for his cowering, worshiping creatures.

His templars dress in bluish robes with a bright yellow moon embroidered on the front and on the back. Armor and other accouterments are also decorated in the moon motif, with backgrounds of blue, running to black.

Tectuktitlay is a cruel and bloodthirsty man and his templars are as well, out of necessity and the desire for promotion. They are especially fond of the king’s lavish rituals, like one Tectuktitlay himself enjoys, when he tears out the hearts of his captives.

Extended Spell List
Spell Level Spells
1st Bane, Wrathful Smite
2nd Moonbeam, Warding Bond
3rd Elemental Weapon, Haste
4th Death Ward, Staggering Smite
5th Destructive Smite, Banishing Smite


The warrior priests of Gulg are fanatically loyal to the sorcerer-queen, Lalali-Puy, and they believe she protects them from the city of Nibenay, with whom they are at war. Lalali-Puy’s templars have two separate orders; judaga priests and champions. Champions are just the same as priests in other cities. They wear heavier armor in combat, wield heavy weapons, and defy their enemies openly and with righteous convictions.

The judaga, on the other hand, are a class of warriors and nobles who behave much like rangers in the forest city of Gulg. Some of Lalali-Puy’s priests have followed this path. They generally wear light leather armor, use thrusting weapons (good for ambushes from heavy foliage), and are surprisingly adept at moving quietly through the forests. For this reason, the judaga priests of Gulg almost always have a large repertoire of woodland spells.

All of Lalali-Puy’s templars wear necklaces to display their rank. Those of first level wear one, while her advisor is said to wear at least 10.

Extended Spell List

Spell Level Spells
1st Entangle, Purify Food and Drink
2nd Enhance Ability, Barkskin
3rd Bestow Curse, Conjure Animals
4th Confusion, Dominate Beast
5th Contagion, Insect Plague


The templars of Balic are much like their wise, cruel leader, Andropinis. He delights in forcing legal loopholes and manipulating logic to his own ends. Andropinis enjoys mental gymnastics, and has even shown favor to the few who have challenged him and provided him with fresh, entertaining dilemmas. Of course, favor is often a quick death instead of a slow one once he grows weary of the game. Most of his templars imitate Andropinis’s Behavior. This is done to impress their lord and to gain promotions when they become available.

The following tale is an example of templar behavior in Balic. The templars of most cities would simply confiscate anything they felt was of value to them or their king. The men who serve King Andropinis do things differently. . . .

Yesterday, Ross had told his friends of a magic dagger found in some ancient ruins he and his friends had discovered. Now it seems Ross’s friends had loose lips, for Andropinis’s templars cornered him at the Parched Throat, his favorite drinking establishment.
““Good morning, rogue. Word is you’’ve found a curious stiletto of some value.””
Ross knew his situation was hopeless, and his frustration with his companions’ thoughtless treachery only fueled his anger. “"That’s right. It’s mine. I found it outside the city, on the bones of an ancient.”"
One of the templars leaned forward, toward Ross and raised a black eyebrow. “"Tell me, then. If we were to kill you and take that pretty knife, would we be thieves? If you’re dead, and if we find it, then it’s ours, isn’t it?”"
Ross nodded his head at the breezy, veiled threat. His hand itched to feel the dagger in his hands, but the twinkle in the templar’s eyes bespoke something more foul than bloodlust. “"And where did you find this marvelous weapon?"
Ross suddenly realized the trap he had fallen into. Thieves could be executed on the spot in Balic, and he had just confessed to theft, technically, he was a thief. With a twisted scowl on his face, Ross handed over the jewel encrusted dagger he had risked his life to find.

Extended Spell List
Spell Level Spells
1st Heroism, Sanctuary
2nd Aid, Zone of Truth
3rd Beacon of Hope, Spirit Guardians
4th Compulsion, Guardian of Faith
5th Geas, Dominate Person


The dread King Hamanu is the most warlike, ruthless, and arguably the most powerful of the sorcerer-kings. His armies have never met defeat when he lead them, and his generals make war with a fanaticism born of knowing the price of failure.

To be a templar under Hamanu is to train for war constantly. Every man spends at least four hours every day in weapons training, and knows only too well the harsh lessons the veteran masters will teach them if their guard is down, even for a second.

Hamanu’’s templars dress in leather armor laced with bone or chitin, and bear arms made of obsidian from the Black Crown Mountains. Those of higher rank may even wear metal breastplates and helms, and carry weapons with metal blades.

The templars of Hamanu should be portrayed as utterly ruthless and without pity. Urik does not allow weak emotions to surface. Templars who hesitate in the face of adversity will quickly find themselves spitted on one of the obsidian spikes that line Hamanu’s grisly arena.

Extended Spell List

Spell Level Spells
1st Command, Divine Favour
2nd Scorching Ray, Warding Bond
3rd Beacon of Hope, Crusader’s Mantle
4th Aura of Life, Compulsion
5th Geas, Flame Strike


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