Classes of Dark Sun

Classes without modification

  • Barbarian
  • Bard*
  • Druid
  • Fighter*
  • Monk
  • Ranger*
  • Rogue*

*When using these classes, consider using Psionics instead of magic as the flavor for the magical options these classes impart. For information on how to flavor this to seem more psionic, see the rules on spell points.

Classes with modification

  • Wizard: See rules on defiling , as all wizards are either preservers or defilers. On Athas, Illusion wizards are the most common form; Divination wizards are rare, as no one knows the fate of anything on Athas. Necromancers are just as hated on Athas as anywhere else.
  • Paladin: As gods are not existent on Athas, paladins are not holy knights. Instead, they are guardians of the primal world. Mechanically, nothing changes. Thematically, instead of holy magic, the paladin instead uses natural magic. The most common form of paladin is the Oat of the Ancients paladin, which is a direct nature guardian build. However, the other Paladin builds work just as fine for a natural guardian.
  • Sorcerer: Consider playing your sorcerer as a psion. Thematically, they are the same: power springs from inside them, rather than them taking power from the outside world. Furthermore, the spellpoint system that sorcerers use is similar to that of the Psion’s power point system. The Draconic and WIld Magic bloodlines work equally well; you may also consider the Psionic Bloodline, which is a re-skinned Draconic bloodline to sound more psion-y.
  • Warlock: The Warlocks of Athas are High Templars; not just the rank-and-file Templar, but a more powerful one that draws magical power from their Sorcerer-King. See the Templar pact warlock build for more information. Note that if you wish to be a regular warlock, this is also possible. Most warlocks on Athas, however, are templars.
  • Cleric: As the gods are dead, Clerics worship the primal titans of the elements and draw their power from the elemental plains. See the Cleric page for Cleric domains based upon the four elements. Domains in the PhB that fit with Dark Sun the best include Life and Nature, although the others may work as well, if you so choose.


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