To ensure nothing is missed through character creation, follow this step-by-step guide to creating a character in the Dark Sun universe!

1. Choose a Race

Aarakocra: Vulture-like humanoids who live apart from the city-states.
Dwarf: Stout warriors who obsess over their goals.
Elf: Tribal scavengers and warriors who live in the wastes.
Half-Elf: Half-breeds who are caught in-between worlds.
Half-Giant: Magical creations who are half human, half giant.
Halfling: Feral, cannibalistic guardians of nature.
Human: The chosen race of Athas.
Mul: Half-dwarves who are bred for combat and servitude.
Thri-kreen: Mantis people who hunt the wastes.

2. Choose a Class

Barbarian: Strong and short-tempered; Athasian barbarians roam the wastes or act as brutal enforcers. They are skilled at melee combat and are very hard to kill.
Bard: Athasian bards travel from city-state to city-state, gathering information to sell to those who need it, and killing off those who deserve it. Frequently, their entertaining is a cover. Their magical abilities are simply them empowering others with tales of bravery, buffing their allies and debuffing their enemies.
Cleric: As the gods died out long ago, Athasian clerics worship one of the four elemental titans: Air, Earth, Fire, or Water. Excellent healers and combat mages.
Druid: Primal spellcasters with the ability to take on the shape of animals, Druids are fierce protectors of the dying world, and will stop at nothing to kill all defilers.
Fighter: Mercenaries, raiders, soldiers, gladiators…the list goes on for what Fighters can accomplish on Athas. They are the most versatile class, with options ranging from weapons master, to the extremely rare Eldrich Knight.
Monk: Generally, Monks have been Thri-kreen and Elves; those who must train themselves in disciplines that require few supplies and a disciplined mind. Monks are excellent hand-to-hand combatants.
Paladin: The gods are dead, and so the Paladins of Athas are guardians of the dying world. They route defilers from oases and stop the raiding bands who prey upon the planet’s children. They are heavily armored, heavily armed, and wield magic granted to them by the grateful world.
Psion: Mages who use the power of their mind, rather than magics. Psions are the most common form of spellcaster on Athas, and frequently a defiler will attempt to pass as a Psion to escape the noose.
Ranger: Traders, merchants, raiders and hunters; rangers are found in many walks of life on Athas, generally specializing in either the two-handed fighting style or the skill of the bow. They also wield limited magics granted to them through the primal forces of the planet.
Rogue: Assassins and thieves, rogues make up a good portion of the criminal underworld, able to talk their way, or cut their way, out of almost any tight spot. Excellent with their words as well as with their daggers.
Sorcerer: The sorcerer does not choose their power; their power chose them. Deep, uncontrollable magics spring from their core, more often than not leading to serious issues with others.
Warlock: Warlocks are spellcasters who are granted their abilities through a pact made with a being of great power. On Athas, this more often than not means a deal with a sorcerer-king. Excellent at combat spellcasting.
Wizard: Wizards are extremely rare, for when they are found they are often killed for their curiosity. A wizard learns spells through ancient books, scrolls, and studying, and has through these means come upon defiling, the ability to regain lost magic through the lifeforce of others; a tempting offer.

3. Determine Ability Scores

Instead of rolling, everyone begins with the following array of scores to assign as they choose:
15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8

If you are feeling up to the challenge, you may instead use a point-buy system to assign your scores. To do so, you start with 27 points and purchase ability scores for the following costs:


Score Cost Score Cost
8 0 12 4
9 1 13 5
10 2 14 7
11 3 15 9

You cannot get a score lower than eight, or higher than 15, to begin with.



Measures: Natural athleticism, bodily power
Important for: Barbarian, fighter, paladin
Racial Increases:

Mountain dwarf (+2) Humanoid half-giant (+1)
Mul (+2) Human (+1)

Measures: Physical agility, reflexes, balance, poise
Important for: Monk, ranger, rogue
Racial Increases:

Aarakocra (+2) Elf (+2)
Thri-kreen (+2) Human (+1)

Measures: Health, stamina, vital force
Important for: Everyone
Racial Increases:

Dwarf (+2) Half-giant (+1)
Stout halfling (+1) Mul (+1)
Human (+1) Constitution (+1)

Measures: Mental acuity, information recall, analytical skills
Important for: Wizard
Racial Increases:

High elf (+2) Human (+1)

Measures: Awareness, intiution, insight
Important for: Cleric, druid
Racial Increases:

Aarakocra (+2) Bestial half-giant (+1)
Hill dwarf (+1) Human (+1)
Wood elf (+1) Thri-kreen (+1)

Measures: Confidence, eloquence, leadership
Important for: Bard, sorcerer, psion, warlock
Racial Increases:

Half-elf (+2) Human (+1)
Lightfoot halfling (+1)

4. Describe Your Character

Chose a background that matches your vision of your character, or use these backgrounds to inform how you will roleplay your character.

5. Buy your equipment

Buy your weapons, armor, and other items. Chose the materials your items are made out of carefully.


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