The Amazing Gregor

Evil dealer of evil magic items. Evil.


The Amazing Gregor is a tiefling illusionist. While most entertainers use cantrips to pull a rabbit out of a hat or guess the card a person has drawn, The Amazing Gregor chooses to use sleight-of-hand and misdirection. To seperate his tricks from actual magic, he calls them illusions.

The Amazing Gregor runs an illusion shop, The Amazing Gregor’s Shop of Illusions. The Icebreakers first met Gregor when they wished to sell the cursed mace of Gathos, which whispered incredibly evil things to the weilder. The Amazing Gregor, as it turns out, deals in evil magic items as well as illusions. In fact, his storefront may be nothing more than misdirection for his real business of trading in cursed artifacts and items. What more could one expect from a worshiper of Bane.

The Amazing Gregor

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